"I was fortunate to find Royal Sphynx Kitten via internet. We visited her beautiful home and met our kitten. Royal Sphynx Kitten was keeping us updated with photos and videos until it was time to pick him up. Our kitten grew up to be a strong and beautiful cat; friendly and a great companion."

Lisa & Husband

Los Angeles, California.

After weeks of scouring the internet, I found Royal Sphynx Kitten and I just knew I needed one of her kittens. Her sense of responsibility to making the breed better and safe breeding practices is simply unmatched. If doens't hurt that her kittens are beautiful and playful too! I was put on the waiting list and patiently awaited the email saying my kitten was born! I was so excited when the day came for me to choose my pick of the litter. I asked for a cute-and-cuddly, sassy and playful kitten and RoyalSphynxKitten absolutely delivered. Khaleesi (named after the famed GoT queen!) is everything you would want in a pet and more. She greets me everyday when I come home from work and insists on sleeping as close to me as possible every night. She loves participating in lazy Sundays and is as talkative as they come. I (and everyone she meets) absolutely love my Sphynx.

Cassim Linda


Just wanted to update you on Herman! He is doing so well, amazing actually. He does great on planes with me, loves walks outside on his leash, and loves showers and snuggling. He still talks and purrs non stop, and I'm convinced he is actually a dog because he acts just like a puppy. He also loves this little space heater I got him, and gets grumpy at me when I turn it down or off if I am worried it is too hot on him. He is incredibly well behaved all the time. I havnt had issues with him scratching anything, or going to the bathroom anywhere except his litter box. The only issue has been him begging for food when I am eating, and trying to steal my food.

Daniel of Beverly Hills, CA


I’ve wanted a Sphynx since I first saw a picture of them as a child. I was always very hesitant about going to a breeder since there are so many negative connotations surrounding breeding. So after much searching I found RoyalSphynxKitten and realized that what I once attributed to all breeders was definitely ignorance on my behalf. RoyalSphynxKitten cares so much for her cats. She goes above and beyond when it comes to the quality of the kitten’s lives. And it definitely shows in Gaia’s personality. She is the most acquiescent, trusting, and loving kitten I’ve ever seen.


Springfield, MD

I could not be more pleased about my experience with Royal Sphynx Kitten. They are very knowledgeable about the breed and enthusiastically answered all of the questions I had regarding my 2 boys. I received many photos and videos of my kittens prior to meeting them for the first time. She provided me with a well-organized binder of their records, photos on a USB and a special new kitten package for each one. Both boys are very well socialized, even vacuuming does not send them running for cover! It is obvious they are used to being handled and pre-spoiled! Thank you! We love our boys, Kojak and Cairo!


Atlanta, Georgia

Shes a sweetheart seriously shes everything i could have ever asked for! She likes coming for car rides and she likes being in my purse! We are best friends haha always together. She loves all dogs and cats and people! I can do everything i want ! She lets me clean her ears, cut her claws, wash her! Shes perfection! Shes affectionate, hyper, smart, pretty and the way she sleeps and crosses her paws when she sleeps, So cute. She even sleeps on her back!

Jennie and Phillips


I bought my first Sphynx, Grandpa, from another breeder in the Winters, California area. When I decided I wanted another Sphynx, I decided to look for a different breeder and I found Royal Sphynx Kittens. Unlike the previous breeder I dealt with, Royal Sphynx Kittens immediately responded to my inquiry about available kittens, answered all my questions openly and honestly, and regularly sent professional looking pictures of the kitten that I would be buying. I named my new kitten Yodie. Yodie and Grandpa are good friends.